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  • We know you have many options available, but here at 4edental/4clearortho, we provide doctor supervision @home at the most affordable treatment price
  • Prices start at $750
  • You are improving your overall health, by moving your teeth to ideal functioning positions. The beautiful smile is a great by-product.  



  • These are plastic trays custom designed to move your teeth to their ideal position
  • It is a gentle process compared to traditional orthodontics
  • Discomfort is therefore minimized compared to traditional wired braces
  • Trays are designed to last 2 weeks, but can stain from Drinks, Foods, and Washes



  • Wearing trays is a new habit. It will take a minimum of 3-4 days to adjust to this new lifestyle.
  • You may salivate excessively
  • Sleep will be a challenge initially
  • Your speech may have a lisp initially
  • Normally all these inconveniences will adjust within a week



  • Verify upper vs lower aligner. Usually uppers have larger teeth
  • Align to the front teeth in front of the mirror
  • Gently insert and push the posterior into place. Sometimes a rolling motion can help



  • Start with a posterior side, working your way around the arch
  • Using a dull instrument, like a crochet needle. Hook the tray and pull gently. This is used as a last resort



  • Advantage of the Tray system is that it is much healthier than wired orthodontics.
  • Continue the normal oral care routine of a minimum of brushing 2x a day and flossing once a day
  • While caring for your teeth, gently brush your trays and soak in a clear non alcoholic mouth wash
  • This leaves the trays fresh and kills the bacteria that cause bad breath
  • If unable to brush/clear after meals, minimally rinse with water to minimize debris being trapped under the tray



  • The tray system acts like a mouth guard including sports benefits 
  • Acts like a night guard protecting your teeth from wear
  • Improves gum health if you maintain your oral routine
  • Minimizes migraines and tooth sensitivity 
  • Cases provided minimize loss and protect from damages



  • Do drink water without removal
  • Do store in case provided when not worn, animals will eat them
  • Do wear 20+ hours a day



  • Don't eat with trays in. You can damage your trays
  • Don't smoke with your trays in, they do stain
  • Don't drink coffee, tea, wine etc because teeth can also stain and decay teeth also
  • Don't use colored mouthwash, because plastic stains
  • Don't consume to much sugar, because saliva can't naturally rinse debris away
  • Don't heat tray, plastic can distort
  • Don't wrap in tissue, because it can get thrown out (dumpster driving)



  • If you lose a tray within the first 2 days, simply place your old tray so as not to lose progress
  • If after 3-4 days, simply place the next tray in sequence. Discomfort will be moderate, but controlled with motrin. 
  • Note each tray replacement costs $100, so be diligent



  • Included in treatment is 1 set of Retainers
  • Assurance club provides a new retainer every 6 months, warranting your smile
  • Comes with whitening and acts like a whitening tray
  • Protects teeth from grinding and therefore minimizes sensitivity
  • Retainers minimize migranes
  • Most importantly, prevents relapse.